Tolleson Wealth Management

Tolleson Wealth Management

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Begun as a single-family office built to serve the needs of the Tolleson family, Tolleson Wealth Management became a comprehensive solution for other families. Tolleson starts by understanding your needs, goals and values. Their comprehensive resources and innate desire to serve allows them to give advice that is objective and focused on your best interests. They serve as your partner and treat you as an extension of our own family.

Tolleson understands that making the most of your wealth can sometimes feel challenging when burdened with the everyday management. A family office provides a wide range of services to manage, sustain and grow wealth while promoting a family’s identity and character. The multi-family office approach doesn’t just focus on managing assets, it also accounts for the legacy you wish to build. The shared experiences we have from working with other families brings a unique perspective that creates a service experience that is informed, yet personal. Although Tolleson differentiates services individually, its true power is in how they work combined together.

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