Philanthropy: A new breed

Posted on June 30, 2005 by Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

Joanna Krotz profiles several members of a new generation of highly-engaged donors and highly-motivated nonprofit leaders who are working to create positive change in all realms of society. Included is an interview with third-generation philanthropists Taylor and Cameron Jordan of the Cricket Island Family Foundation, who credit philanthropy with helping them establish their identities and find their way in the… Read More

Sifting Through Requests for Funding

Posted on October 28, 2003 by Robin Platts

Robin Platts presents a list of things to look for when examining grant proposals: whether or not the organization’s request fits in with a grantmaker’s mission, the track record of the organization, evidence of collaboration, and how the grant will make a difference, among others… Read More

When And How To Use External Evaluators

Posted on November 20, 2002 by Marty Campbell, Tracey A. Rutnik

In the cycle of program planning by nonprofit organizations, evaluation is usually the last item on the agenda. There are many reasons for this. We all know that evaluation has negative connotations. It conjures up memories of the day we received our SAT results. It is associated with grades and scores… Read More

Wanted: Professional Volunteers

Posted on October 26, 2002 by Betsy Nelson

This opinion article by Betsy Nelson, president of the Baltimore regional association of grantmakers, describes the need of local nonprofits to identify professionals willing to volunteer in a particular area of expertise, and several resources available to help them do this. ‘There are endless ways to reach out and donate time,’ writes the author. ‘Perhaps one of the most satisfying… Read More