Balancing internal vs. external missions in family philanthropy

Thursday, May 14, 2015, 12:00 PM until 01:30 PM EST
90 minutes
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Families and those who work with them that are looking for ways to balance the family's grantmaking goals with their goals for the family's involvement in shared philanthropy.


What is your family’s dream for philanthropy? Are you primarily interested in achieving a particular grantmaking mission? Or are you interested in creating an opportunity for family members to come together and strengthen family ties through philanthropy and service to others? For many philanthropic families, the answer to this question is not either/or – it’s both. Join us for this in-depth conversation with two family foundations that have found successful strategies for thoughtfully defining, measuring, and tracking both their internal, family focused, and their external, community focused, missions.

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What participants said:

Just the validation, inspiration and idea-generation we needed, thank you!

Sharmilla Thakkar, Executive Director, Siragusa Foundation

This is a very critical issue right now as our family foundation grapples to determine a balance and building consensus, and I found it very helpful to hear about what others have successfully been able to do defining both an internal and external mission. I think sharing the resulting link to this webinar will be very helpful!

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