Giving while living: Jennifer and Peter Buffett

Editor’s Note: The National Center is delighted to partner in 2013 with the Bridgespan Group to share videos from its Conversations with Remarkable Givers series. In this month’s installment, we feature Bridgespan’s interview with Jennifer and Peter Buffett, founders of the Novo Foundation. While Peter has been in the news lately for his New York Times critique of The Charitable-Industrial Complex, in these interviews he and his wife share a wide range of thoughtful perspectives on respectful, patient, and committed philanthropy. To learn more about the goals and highlights of this remarkable collection of interviews, read the special introduction to this series from our January 2013 issue of Family Giving News by Bridgespan Partner Susan Wolf Ditkoff.

“Giving too much too soon”: Peter and Jennifer Buffett learn an important lesson about how not to give

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