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New ncfp.org and Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center

Posted on May 14, 2019

An important part of the new site is opening up public access to the Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center. This means anyone can access many of the Knowledge Center’s resources without logging in. Most importantly, these resources will now turn up in online searches via Google and other search engines. This raises the visibility of NCFP and our content, and… Read More
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The Lasting Value of Transparency

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Richard Russell, Richard Woo

Transparency enhances our ability to learn, to lead, to reach consensus, and even agree to disagree. That’s because adopting a mindset of transparency encourages deeper participation and helps us stay focused on our mission. As a result, we tend to be more successful and satisfied working together because we know more about what’s going on… Read More
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Nurturing Relationships with Transparency

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Richard Russell, Richard Woo

Transparency is a powerful force when used appropriately. The trick is deciding what is “appropriate” across a wide range of contacts and interactions. In our prior blog posts, we shared our experience cultivating transparency through the lens of finding balance and sharing knowledge. This time around, we want to concentrate on ways to harness transparency for mutual benefit… Read More
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Speech to United States Conference of Mayors

Posted on September 14, 2017 by La June Montgomery Tabron

W.K. Kellogg Foundation President and CEO La June Montgomery Tabron delivered the following speech on The Kellogg Foundation’s framework for Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT). This framework can help drive cities and communities forward and it will support the comprehensive equity agenda that the United States Conference of Mayors created… Read More

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