and you: Ten new exciting website and Knowledge Center features

Have you visited yet? The new National Center for Family Philanthropy website (picked and polished from SpamZilla), featuring the Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center, launched June 19th! The site features many exciting new features designed with you in mind, providing easier access to expanded resources on family giving:

  1. Mobile optimized design for easy viewing on smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices.
  2. Easy login to the FP Online Knowledge Center using your email address as the login and offering easy-to-retrieve password functionality. *
  3. One-click webinar registrations: once you enter your information, the site will save the information. There is no need to ever enter your info in again! *
  4. Personalized information: the site will “remember” past webinars you’ve attended and offer this list for easy access to slides, transcripts and audio recordings. *
  5. NCFP’s new “So you want to be a family foundation trustee” video that helps next gen family members understand the demands and joys of this critical role.
  6. Vibrant design featuring photos from NCFP Friends of the Family, partners and funders, and slideshows on key topics and trends in family giving.
  7. Instant access to streaming replays of more than 110 past NCFP webinars on virtually any family philanthropy topic imaginable! *
  8. Personalized resource recommendations based on your past search and browsing history on our site. *
  9. Curated lists of high quality resources on many of the field’s most important topics. *
  10. Customized information request forms to help you find an appropriate consultant, connect with a peer, answer a difficult question, or plan your next event.

* Indicates this feature is available for NCFP Friends of the Family and members of our Family Philanthropy Online subscriber networks

If you have ideas of how we can continue to improve this critical resource for the field of family philanthropy, please let us know. Contact with your ideas.

Why the Dandelion?

In addition to the many new features listed above, you’ll notice that our site is built around a complete new look.

We chose the dandelion as the unifying theme for our website because it serves as a powerful symbol of transformation, changing from yellow flower heads to white puffballs with “parachute seeds” that spread far and wide.

Dandelions are also often associated with magical qualities, and these themes of transformation and magic are central to our view of the power of family philanthropy. Dandelions are made up of clusters (families or communities) of seeds and seeds flying through the air reflect the free ideas, inspiration and unlimited thinking of family philanthropy, as well as the ability to spreading ones influence far and wide and plant “thought-seeds” in others.

A bit of a stretch? Well, you get the idea!

Special thanks

We offer special thanks the following board members and friends for their generous support and guidance that helped to make this website a reality:

  • Caroline Avery
  • C. E. & S. Foundation
  • The Clowes Fund
  • The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida
  • Fisher-Cummings Family Fund
  • RGK Foundation
  • Ridgway White

We also wish to thank the many donors and supporters that have continued to be supporters of our work. Please see our complete list of Friends of the Family and Leadership Circle members.