Going on Your First Site Visit? 3 Tools for Success

If NCFP were to conduct a “Family Feud” style poll of 100 family philanthropists, asking “What is your favorite activity in the grantmaking process?” We have no doubt that “Site Visits” would be pretty high on the board. After all, nothing beats getting to know your partners and their work up close, and having the opportunity to work together in the community.

But sometimes, after ten or two hundred site visits, we forget how that first visit felt. For young philanthropists, site visits can seem daunting, imposing, or downright uncomfortable.

If you’ve never conducted a site visit, or still feel uneasy about the process, head over to our special content collection on grant evaluation and site visits to check out:

  1. site visit script templates
  2. evaluation questions
  3. grantee assessment essentials.

These tools will help build the skills and confidence necessary to conduct thorough and thoughtful assessment.