How do we work with our local community foundation to train young philanthropists?

Our family foundation would like to work with the local community foundation to set up a program that will help train younger philanthropists – both those in our family as well as other youth in the community. Do you have suggestions for models that others have used?

Indeed we do! NCFP worked with Youth Philanthropy Connect, a former initiative of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, to develop several short case studies of community foundations around the country that have created effective youth philanthropy training programs in their communities. Here are three examples from our “Igniting the Spark” collection:

feature-GACF-case-studyCommunity Foundation for Greater Atlanta: In 2001, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta launched the Center for Family Philanthropy. The focus of the Center was two-fold: (1) to provide a higher level of services to philanthropists with donor advised funds of $250,000 or more, or a planned gift of $1M or more; and (2) to engage donors with families in philanthropy. There are approximately 200 donor members of the Center. This next gen case study describes their history of youth initiatives, and current youth engagement strategies used by the foundation to connect with youth in the communities they serve.

feature-MetroWest-youth-in-philanthropyThe Foundation for MetroWest (Natick, MA) has been committed to educating the next generation of community leaders through the Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program since 1997. In that time, over 900 youth from MetroWest communities have funded nearly $700,000 in grants that support youth. This next gen case study describes their history of youth engagement and programming, and new strategies they are pursuing to engage youth in the communities they serve.

gwcf-next-gen-case-study-photoThe Greater Worcester Community Foundation is located in Worcester, Massachusetts.  As a way to support the voice of youth in the community and engage donors, the GWCF adopted the Youth for Community Involvement (YCI) Program in 1999. YCI provides an opportunity for youth from schools across the area to build skills in leadership and philanthropy. The foundation set up a youth endowment to support the program and contracts with a youth development consultant to run the program. In the past, youth have helped fundraise for this endowment. This next gen case study describes their history of youth engagement, and the strategies they have used to engage youth in the greater Worcester community.