Adam Rockefeller Growald’s Secret to Success in the Boardroom

In our June 2017 webinar, Adam discussed his approach to confident participation and leadership in his family’s philanthropic work. He shared:

The number one thing that I think you can bring to philanthropy, whether it’s a board meeting or something else, is the quality of your own presence.

As a younger board member, it’s easy to worry about my lack of experience: for example, whether I understood all of the dockets as well as I should have. 

Whatever are the voices of inadequacy, I quiet them by showing up to a meeting and saying to myself, “Whatever I’m meant to contribute to this conversation is going to come to me and whatever it will be will be exactly what it should be and, therefore, I’m just going to allow myself to relax and trust that if I need to say something, I’ll know what it’s going to be at the time.” 

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