March 2024: News and Notes from NCFP’s Members and Partners

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NCFP strives to connect its members to resources, best practices, and to peer funders. Network News highlights updates from our members and partners, showcacsing accomplishments, new approaches or giving areas, innovative ideas, and staff and board transitions, and more. 

We encourage our members and parters to email us with news that you would like to be shared.

In Memoriam: Celebrating the Life of Janine Lee

We are saddened by the news that Janine Lee, longtime president and CEO of Philanthropy Southeast, passed away earlier this month. Janine was a former NCFP board member and a member of our 2025 Trends Committee and 2024 National Forum on Family Philanthropy Committee. She was a thoughtful, equity-centered leader and we are grateful for her contributions to the field and NCFP. She will be missed.

State of the Spend Out 2024: What’s Next for the Kataly Foundation

The Kataly Foundation hosted its annual webinar providing updates on the foundation in light of its decision to spend out. “Part of our purpose in hosting these annual webinars is for Kataly to share grantmaking data, but more than that, it is our intention to reflect on what we’re proud of, the challenges we’re facing, and the questions we are holding.”

Sogorea Te’ Land Trust Receives $20 Million Shuumi Land Tax Contribution from Kataly Foundation

In additional news from the Kataly Foundation, the foundation has made the single largest known cash gift to a Native land trust in history.

Arnold Randall is Named Executive Director for the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

Following David Farren’s retirement, Arnold Randall takes the helm of Chicago’s Donnelley Foundation.

The Brinson Foundation Highlighted for its Approach to Funding Research and Education

Inside Philanthropy profiled the Brinson Foundation for its transparent approach to grantmaking.

Susan Bass Roberts Named First Non-Family President of the Pohlad Family Foundation

The StarTribune interviewed Susan Bass Roberts about her new role and what led her her. She says, “There’s been this awakening in philanthropy that communities must be at the table to help define the problem and create the solutions. Most of the time, people know what they need. They don’t always have the resources and the tools to solve the problems that they have, but they know what they need.”

James B. McClatchy Foundation Launches ‘All in for Central Valley Democracy Fund’ to Amplify Local Voices and Strengthen Grassroots Democracy

The James B. McClatchy Foundation’s new “rapid and targeted fund will aid Central Valley grassroots nonprofit organizations and leaders tirelessly working to fortify the region’s democratic resilience, now through November.”

Irving Harris Foundation Announces Plans to Sunset in 2032

“As we move into sunsetting, we intend to listen deeply to grantee and community voices, communicate openly and honestly, and co-create meaningful new possibilities with our collective resources and creativity,” says the foundation.

Jamie Allison Shares Tips for Exiting Grantee Relationships Well

As the Walter & Elise Haas Foundation embraces new programmatic and strategic directions, it has had to exit existing funding relationships. Executive director Jamie Allison shares lessons from the process and how to keep values and relationships at the fore.

The Paul Allen Family Foundation Evolves — and Stays True to PNW Roots

GeekWire Interviews Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s Lara Littlefield on the evolution of the foundation and its commitment to the Pacific Northwest. Littlefield said, “Where we are today as a foundation is knowing we’re not the only funder. We are part of an ecosystem, and we are here to invest in really smart, creative people that know their communities and know their pain points. A lot of our lessons learned and the shifts have been from some of those learnings in the past.”

NCFP Board Member Tony Richardson Explores How Funders Can Respond to the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Rulings

George Gund Foundation President Tony Richardson outlines a number of activities for funders to consider in light of SCOTUS’ affirmative action decision all of which “fit squarely within the confines of permissible activities for foundations.”

Leadership Changes at the Tracy Family Foundation

Dan Teefey, formerly the executive director of the Tracy Family Foundation will succeed Jean Buckley as the foundation’s president. Susan Stamerjohn will assume the role of chair of the board of trustees.