Making Advocacy a Family Philanthropy Affair

Posted by Ali Sirkus Brody and Jennifer Wegbreit on August 29, 2018

Advocacy is an important tool for family philanthropists seeking to address mounting issues of inequality or for those who recognize that funding direct services alone is not enough to create lasting change.

Ready! Fire! Aim? Are You Jumping Too Quickly to a Tech Solution?

Posted by Mark Larimer on August 27, 2018

Don’t ask, “What can technology do for me?” Instead ask, “How can I leverage technology to do better?” The right solution should be an extension of your knowledge, talents, and passion...not a replacement.

Smart Philanthropy: 6 Strategic Questions

Posted by Ashok Alexander on August 22, 2018

Strategic philanthropy is about maximizing the impact of every rupee given away.

Front Row Seat on Impact Investing: Finding Market-Rate Returns in Mission Investments in Smaller Communities

Posted by Rosalie Sheehy Cates on August 20, 2018

There are many options for foundations to make these private mission investments and earn relatively low financial returns. But as foundations open more of their endowments to mission investing, they want more market-rate mission investments.

What Does Your Family Need Your Foundation (or DAF) to Be?

Posted by Tony Macklin on August 16, 2018

Whether your tool is new or handed down, functional or fixable, the important questions are: Is it the right tool for the job now? Do you want it to last? If so, will it still be useful in 20 years or more?

Fueling a Revolution on International Change: Individual and Family Philanthropists

Posted by Ina Breuer and Maggi Alexander on August 14, 2018

All funders, big and small, are interested in the impact of their investments. This can be particularly tricky in the realm of international philanthropy where investments are made within diverse cultural contexts. It is critical that individuals and families interested in international giving understand that they too can make a difference.

2017 Disaster Data Demands Shift in Funding Focus

Posted by Robert G. Ottenhoff on August 9, 2018

During times of disaster, CDP provides frequent updates on private giving to help you determine how much your organization should donate and which grantees and activities you might want to support.

6 Ways to Advocate for Policy Change

Posted by Kris Putnam-Walkerly on August 6, 2018

The policies that guide our country did not grow overnight, and neither will the changes we wish to see in them.

The Relationship Ecosystem: Mapping Partnership Resources for Maximum Value

Posted by Enette Pauzé on August 2, 2018

As a leader in your organization and community, it is critical that you’re not only aware of your existing relationships, but that you’re prioritizing them based on value.

News and notes from NCFP's Friends of the Family network

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on July 31, 2018

Friends Focus highlights updates from members of our Friends of the Family network and their cutting edge work. This month features updates from the Carlson Family Foundation; Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation; the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta; the Zilber Family Foundation; the Ueberroth Family Foundation; the Russell Family Foundation and the Bainum Foundation.

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