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From checkbook to family fund: Why organize your giving?

Posted by Virginia Esposito on July 15, 2008

A great enthusiasm is building for getting the most out of your charitable giving, for working with your family in this pursuit, and for focusing for greater impact… in Israel! This past month I was invited to speak at a conference in Israel convened to encourage private philanthropy, particularly...

In Loving Memory: The Pros and Con of Legacy Grants

Posted by Sarah Trzepacz on July 15, 2006

The loss of a loved one is difficult for any family to bear, and the desire to celebrate and honor his or her life and accomplishments is natural and common. For philanthropic families, if the lost family member has played a significant role in their giving, grief and sadness can be coupled with some...

Ethical Wills and Donor Legacy Statements: Passing on More Than Financial Wealth

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on April 15, 2004

This issue of Family Giving News examines the growing use of ethical wills and donor legacy statements: What are they? Why might you and your family want to use one? And how can one of these statements benefit individual donors, their families and the causes and issues they care most about?...

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