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The Roy A. Hunt foundation

Posted on April 18, 2008

Like many family foundations of its size and age, the Roy A. Hunt Foundation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania faces a number of challenges: carrying on an important charitable legacy while engaging a growing geographically dispersed family, and balancing the diverse interests of that family to make grants...

Experiencing the value of family philanthropy first-hand

Posted by Virginia Esposito on March 15, 2008

As those who read this newsletter may remember, the National Center’s Tenth Anniversary is being celebrated with a major research, education, and advocacy initiative that explores the value of family participation in philanthropy and the value of family philanthropy in our society....

The legacy of Paul Ylvisaker

Posted by Virginia Esposito on February 15, 2008

Those who have read my writing or heard me speak have invariably come across a reference to Paul Ylvisaker. It is important to me that my work includes stories and quotes of our philanthropic thinkers and mentors, particularly those who have shaped the tradition and practice we carry on today....

The Harman Family Foundation: Learning Leads to Focus

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on August 15, 2007

Wellesley College Professor of English Barbara Harman awaited the release of her book The Feminine Political Novel in Victorian England. The year was 1998, and when it arrived, after 10 long years of research and writing, she experienced something she assumes many authors discover upon the publication...

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