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Increasing impact, while honoring donor intent: A Profile of the Hattie M. Strong Foundation

Posted by Darlene Siska on July 29, 2014

How does a foundation that prides itself on close personal contact with its beneficiaries over an 86-year history totally revamp, modernize, and streamline itself, all without losing its long-time connection with grantees and without losing sight of the founder’s original vision?...

Leading Through Change: Advice from and for Seasoned CEOs

Posted by Susan Crites Price on March 25, 2014

The longer CEOs stay in the job, the more they see strategic opportunities for the foundation. There may be strong reasons for funding some new areas with greater potential impact, entering into collaborations, or including advocacy grants in the mix, for example. But sometimes the challenge is convincing the board. “You have to stay attuned to bringing the family along,” cautions Alice Buhl, NCFP Senior Fellow. You may want to go faster, but the family isn’t ready to go there yet. Longtime CEOs must be flexible and alert to the family’s needs.” she notes that “boards haven’t had the connection or exposure the CEO has had,” so sometimes it takes a while to help them reach a new strategic level.

Breaking up and moving on: A staff member’s perspective on the dissolution of a family foundation

Posted by Joel Luedtke on February 25, 2014

We knew the outcome before the votes were cast. The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation – the proud embodiment of a fortunate family’s abiding compassion – would be split apart. It was October 2010. As a relatively new staff member of the foundation, it was hard for me at that time to see much good...

A legacy lives on: The Kaplan Family Foundation’s successful leadership transition

Posted by Dinaz Mansuri and Mollie Bunis on December 15, 2013

Editor’s note: As the National Center for Family Philanthropy continues its ongoing focus on the topic of transitions, this month in Family Giving News we feature an excerpt from “A Legacy Lives On: The Kaplan Family Foundation’s Successful Leadership Transition,” the new Passages Issue Brief on the...

Leadership transitions in family philanthropy

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on January 15, 2013

Editor’s note: Several of the National Center’s most popular guides and publications have addressed the topic of transitions in family philanthropy. Here are selected quotes from these timeless publications.   Transitions as opportunities for change “Transitions are opportunities for change, not...

Positioning your board for proactive, positive, transitions from senior leadership to the next generation

Posted by Alice Buhl on January 15, 2013

Editor’s Note: As NCFP begins the celebration of our 15th year, one of the key overarching themes of our work will be the exploration of the many types of transitions that family philanthropies experience. To help kick off our Year of the Transition, we’re pleased to share an excerpt from one of the...

Be the architect of change, not the victim

Posted by Virginia Esposito on January 15, 2013

A very Happy New Year to you and all those who work with you on behalf of this wonderful tradition! The end of the year grantmaking and financial accountability are behind you and the opportunities of a brand new year are ahead. This issue of Family Giving News offers new information and insights into...

How to Close a Foundation: The Pottruck Family Experience

Posted by Susan Crites Price on April 11, 2009

With a tough economy comes tough decisions. That was true for the Pottruck Family Foundation board, which dissolved the foundation effective Jan. 30, 2009. As their assets shrank in the declining markets of 2008, the family decided that by shifting their philanthropy to a donor-advised fund, they could...

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