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An Interview with Executive Director Maurice “Mo” Green

Posted by Peter Panepento on October 26, 2017

The National Center for Family Philanthropy recently spoke with Maurice “Mo” Green to learn more about how he has approached his role as the Executive Director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Generations Together: Tools for teaching the next generation to give

Posted by Virginia Esposito on March 1, 2016

According to the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s recent 2015 Trends Study, nearly 3 in 5 U.S. family foundations engage younger family members in the foundation — and more than 40% say they expect to add to or increase the number of younger-generation family members on their boards in just the next four years. This is an encouraging trend — especially for those of us who believe that these important institutions can have a much greater impact if they can keep the family productively engaged in their work.

Having new eyes: Transitions in family philanthropy

Posted by Virginia Esposito on February 25, 2015

For more than two years, I have been researching, interviewing, and thinking about transitions in the life of a family philanthropy. I’ve listened to anyone willing to talk to me about their experiences with philanthropic transitions. Occasionally, I have been on the road speaking about my early findings and impressions. I am delighted that my paper, Family Philanthropy Transitions: Possibilities, Problems, and Potential, is the newest addition to our Passages Issue Brief series and can be found in the Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center

Alliance magazine interviews Ridgway White, fourth president of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Posted by Caroline Hartnell on February 25, 2015

At the start of this year, Ridgway White became fourth president of the Mott Foundation, taking over in that role from his father, Bill White, who nevertheless remains actively involved in the foundation. Alliance magazine shares their interview with the new Mott Foundation president about the benefits and challenges of being a placed-based funder with a national and international dimension, and on the need to play to your strengths, while seizing opportunities and being alert to new ways of tackling old problems.

Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges for Family Philanthropy

Posted by Virginia Esposito on September 19, 2014

Even if your family foundation or fund is very new, chances are you have already experienced at least one transition in the lifecycle of your giving program. Family giving programs are subject to changes both in family composition and the lifecycles of organizations, and these changes bring both challenges and opportunities for the family's philanthropy.

Leading Through Change: Advice from and for Seasoned CEOs

Posted by Susan Crites Price on March 25, 2014

The longer CEOs stay in the job, the more they see strategic opportunities for the foundation. There may be strong reasons for funding some new areas with greater potential impact, entering into collaborations, or including advocacy grants in the mix, for example. But sometimes the challenge is convincing the board. “You have to stay attuned to bringing the family along,” cautions Alice Buhl, NCFP Senior Fellow. You may want to go faster, but the family isn’t ready to go there yet. Longtime CEOs must be flexible and alert to the family’s needs.” she notes that “boards haven’t had the connection or exposure the CEO has had,” so sometimes it takes a while to help them reach a new strategic level.

An invitation to a new peer network for non-family staff

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on January 21, 2014

This month’s “Voices in the Field” comes from the two co-chairs of the new NCFP Non-Family Staff Peer Learning Network: Andrea Sholler, Associate Director of the Tow Foundation in Connecticut, and Sharmila Rao Thakkar, Executive Vice President of the Siragusa Foundation in Chicago....

Leadership transitions in family philanthropy

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on January 15, 2013

Editor’s note: Several of the National Center’s most popular guides and publications have addressed the topic of transitions in family philanthropy. Here are selected quotes from these timeless publications.   Transitions as opportunities for change “Transitions are opportunities for change, not...

Be the architect of change, not the victim

Posted by Virginia Esposito on January 15, 2013

A very Happy New Year to you and all those who work with you on behalf of this wonderful tradition! The end of the year grantmaking and financial accountability are behind you and the opportunities of a brand new year are ahead. This issue of Family Giving News offers new information and insights into...

CEO transitions in family foundations

Posted by Alice Buhl on December 15, 2010

Among the most important tasks that any board confronts is the choice of head staff person. If anything, this decision has even greater significance in family foundations. Whether the position is vacant because of the retirement of a beloved CEO or the departure of a problematic one, CEO transitions in...

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