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Family members as staff

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on November 15, 2010

What is the best way to formalize the process of hiring and setting salary for a family member? LIZ WALTERS: Off the top of my head, I can think of four things that we did. The first thing was to create job descriptions. I was the only staff member to begin with, but we also created a job description...

On the phone with... Alice Buhl

Posted by Alice Buhl on October 25, 2010

Welcome to the October edition of “On the Phone With…,” our series of interviews with leading family foundations and philanthropy experts from around the country. This month we’re on the phone with Alice Buhl. In this interview, Alice discusses the "Spectrum of Family Involvement" for family...

Family involvement: The spectrum of options

Posted by Alice Buhl on October 15, 2010

Kelin Gersick’s book, Generations of Giving: Leadership and Continuity in Family Foundations, outlines the patterns most often seen in family philanthropy. In the first generation the donor has the strongest involvement and control. In the second generation more family members become involved and by...

Emeritus board members: Curse or blessing?

Posted by Alice Buhl on August 15, 2010

Mom and Dad are aging but we want to keep them involved. Aunt Sally has been running the foundation forever but the other board members feel it is time for someone else to take over. Uncle John is beginning to get confused. The three sisters in the second generation have been controlling things for...

Minimum age for board

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on May 15, 2008

Q: We want to involve a new generation in the foundation. At what age should we welcome new board members? A: Family boards often agonize over what the minimum age for board members should be. Older family members worry which groups, branches, or people will be included or excluded....

Motivations for board service: Why many family members want in and some don't want to leave

Posted by Virginia Esposito on May 15, 2007

Many of the requests for help that come to me directly or as referrals from colleagues or National Center staff are about governance. When it comes to the fundamentally important issue of effective trusteeship – and appropriate foundation governance – the range of questions is startling and no question...

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