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The National Center for Family Philanthropy Celebrates 20 Years

Posted by Virginia Esposito on September 11, 2017

Today marks the beginning of a year-long celebration —honoring not only NCFP’s 20th anniversary, but the amazing accomplishments of families like yours.

Gratitude and humility in philanthropy; from a story, to a value, to action

Posted by Douglas Bitonti Stewart and Julie Fisher Cummings on September 6, 2016

The importance of documenting the ethos of our founders is well known in family philanthropy. Authors and leaders throughout the field have published articles and tools (e.g. Grandparent Legacy Project) aimed to help families ask questions to elicit the core values of our founders. These values are the backbone of our work. And when we are able to connect our founders’ values to real-life stories, it can have a profound impact on our families and those we serve.

My sabbatical zen: Reflections on a 3-month pause in the action

Posted by Patrick Troska on December 1, 2015

Patrick Troska, Executive Director of the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation, reflects on the four "R"'s of his recent sabbatical: resting, roving, reflecting, and recharging. "It is important to acknowledge that nothing fell apart at the Foundation while I was away," writes Troska. I credit that to good planning and an extraordinarily good team. The sabbatical provided the opportunity for the Foundation to consider its succession planning needs (I won’t be here forever and everyone is replaceable)."

The Highland Street foundation

Posted by Susan Crites Price on October 11, 2009

Summer’s over, but for many Massachusetts families, the memories linger on. That’s because from July 3 to September 4, Boston’s Highland Street Foundation sponsored Free Fun Fridays at each of 10 museums and other attractions across the state. Thousands of children and families enjoyed a free...

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