Family Dynamics

Avoiding Avoidance in Family Philanthropy

Conflict is normal in any family or organization. Yet, many of us avoid conflicts, even if that avoidance affects relationships or how the foundation operates.

In this Content Collection, you’ll learn about the most common conflicts in family philanthropy, the creative “tactics” some boards use to perpetuate the avoidance, and how you can use simple tools to address conflict in a healthy, productive way. Also included are sample code of conduct policies and tips for planning and hosting a productive and inclusive board or family meeting.

Note: for additional insights on managing sensitive issues and crafting better family meeting agendas, see the related Content Collection, Family Meetings: Creating a Culture of Dialogue and Learning.


Avoiding Avoidance: Issue Brief and Webinar

Finding Common Ground: Article, Webinar, and Other Resources

Creating a Safe and Healthy Family Culture: Additional Perspectives

Additional Tips and Tools

Sample Policies and Practices

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