As philanthropy evolves and moves towards a more trust-based practice, assessment and evaluation strategies are being honed and adapted to include an equity lens. What is equitable evaluation, and what are the core components of this framework? How can your social impact effort adopt equitable evaluation practices? Join us for a conversation on a growing movement to shift the paradigm of learning.

About this Series

The monthly Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy webinar series provides guidance on the core tenets of effective family philanthropy—from motivations and values to governance, grantmaking, and succession. The series equips giving families with the latest information on evergreen topics in the donor lifecycle through practical takeaways and diverse family stories that illustrate important practices. Designed for seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike, the series is available to our Friends of the Family and Partner Subscriber organizations.

More Fundamentals

For a refresher on this topic, watch the recording of the 2021 Fundamentals webinars on assessment and learning and see additional resources here.

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