Celebrating Milestones in Family Philanthropy

Family foundations celebrating their 20th, 40th, 50th or 60th anniversaries have found creative ways to honor the giving legacy of the donor and subsequent generations, while also celebrating the importance and potential of their nonprofit partners. This Teleconference features the stories of two family foundations who took advantage of milestone celebrations to accomplish the twin goals of honoring family legacy and inspiring and recognizing their community of grantee partners.

Featured Speakers

Claire Peeps

Claire Peeps is the executive director of the Durfee Foundation. A graduate of Stanford University and…

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Lani Shaw

Lani Shaw is the former executive director of the General Service Foundation, a private family foundation…

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Zoe Lloyd Foxley

Zoë Lloyd Foxley has served in leadership roles on two of her family’s foundations. Since 2002,…

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What others have said...

I only participate in the topics I’m really interested in. Due to my being selective, combined with the variety of offerings, these teleconferences always hit a home run in my book. Having helped prepare my boss to be a presenter in an NCFP teleconference, I can appreciate how much work goes into making them crisp and useful to the audience.


NCFP’s Family Philanthropy Webinar series is a wonderful resource, allowing us to “attend” sessions from all over and to share materials with other members of our foundation. The transcripts of the sessions are also a valuable resource. Thank you for these webinars!

Sukey Garcetti, Secretary/Treasurer, Roth Family Foundation, Los Angeles

Food for thought for the various ways to acknowledge upcoming milestones at our foundation. For instance, one of the presenters mentioned they held a gathering in New Mexico. This started me thinking about how our donor was from New Mexico, so perhaps we can fold his roots into whatever we end up doing for our milestone event. It hadn’t occurred to me before hearing this on the call.


I could have listened to Claire (Peeps) for another hour. She has so much to say and says it with such clarity and good energy. It was fascinating to hear about the factors that shaped the two-day retreat.


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