Community Foundation Spark Session: Giving Circles as a Philanthropic Service

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The number of giving circles in the U.S. has tripled to almost 1,110 from 2007. They are an increasingly popular means for people with a shared identity and a shared geography to become involved, educated, and connected. Community foundations, including at least a third of NCFP’s community foundation subscribers, are still the most common fiscal hosts for giving circles.

In this Spark Session webinar, you’ll: catch up on recent research on giving circles by the Collective Giving Research Group, learn from research underway on community foundations as hosts, and hear practical tips from peers on including giving circles in your philanthropic services. This Spark Session webinar, and the recording and related materials, will be only available to NCFP’s subscribing community foundations.

This month’s Spark Session is only open to NCFP’s community foundation subscribers. Please contact with any questions. 

About this series

This program is part of the Spark Session series under NCFP’s Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network. The series is designed for community foundations to exchange practical advice, tools, and tips from peers on aspects of their family philanthropy engagement. In one hour, this content-rich webinar feature peer case study examples and will allow attendees to delve deeper through an open facilitated dialogue.

Please Note: 

The recording and related materials for this Spark Session webinar are available only to NCFP’s subscribing community foundations. It is located in our community foundation’s Dropbox folder of shared files. Please contact if you need a link to the Dropbox folder.

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