Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network: Engaging Next Generation Adults Debrief and Discussion

What was your experience of being onboarded to your family’s philanthropy? What worked well and what would you do differently if or when you have to engage the next generation? How do you balance your personal life and career with the work required to be a thoughtful and engaged steward? Join the Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network to explore these questions and more as we discuss takeaways from NCFP’s Community Conversation webinar, Meaningfully Engaging Next Generation Adults in your Family Philanthropy. We hope you’ll join us for this webinar, featuring one of our most recent peer network co-chairs Theo Avery, and continue the conversation with your peers immediately following the webinar. If you’re unable to attend the webinar prior to this peer network we hope you’ll still join us to meet and connect with your peers.

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For this interactive meeting, we encourage attendees to join with webcams on. To help foster candid discussions, peer network events are not recorded.

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A reminder regarding eligibility for this peer network: this network is for next generation family members (approximately 21-45 years old). If you fall outside this age range, this may not be the best peer network for you. Please see our full list of peer networks to find one that you can get involved in.

Questions? Contact us at ncfp@ncfp.org.