Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network: Engaging and Onboarding the Next Generation in your Family Philanthropy

It can be challenging to be a leader in a family philanthropy context, particularly as a member of the next generation. One specific challenge is onboarding other next generation family members onto the board and/or as staff of your family philanthropy.

How do you best engage and onboard these next generation members, who are your peers, and help them develop the skills and connections needed to be seen as a leader in your family’s philanthropic efforts? Join the discussion with peers who are navigating similar situations. Learn from your peers about their successes and challenges, while sharing your own.

For this interactive meeting, we encourage attendees to join with webcams on. To help foster candid discussions, peer network events are not recorded.

If you are unable to attend this event, but are interested in being a part of the Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network, sign up here

A reminder regarding eligibility for this peer network: this network is for next generation family members (approximately 21-45 years old). If you fall outside this age range, this may not be the best peer network for you. Please see our full list of peer networks to find one that you can get involved in.

Questions? Contact us at ncfp@ncfp.org.