Grantmaking Strategies for Family Funders: Supporting Resiliency and Recovery

The National Center for Family Philanthropy is dedicated to serving families who give and those that work with them. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering conversations on topics of interest to all philanthropic families associated with family foundations, donor-advised funds, family offices, and other philanthropic vehicles. For questions about this series, please contact Jen Crino at

We know from past disasters that there are many phases of rebuilding and recovery, and during this time there is a great risk to populations whose needs will not be supported. How do you identify those needs and what strategies will work best? How do you decide what portion of your grants budget to dedicate to immediate, near-, and long-term support for your grantees and the community at large? And how can you help nonprofits reimagine and reinvent their work based on the new realities they face, and provide targeted capacity-building support to help them adapt to these changes? Participate in this conversation around short- and long-term funding options and a broad discussion of how to support resiliency in the nonprofit sector and our grantee communities.

Featured Speakers

Karen Keating Ansara

Karen Keating Ansara and her husband Jim make grants from the Boston Foundation to build equitable…

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Diana Scearce

Diana Scearce

Diana Scearce has dedicated her career to helping social changemakers increase effectiveness and impact, in the…

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Orlando Watkins

Orlando Watkins

Orlando C. Watkins is Vice President for Programs at the Boston Foundation, where he oversees a…

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