Over the River and Through the Woods: Geographic Dispersion in Family Philanthropy

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With family members living far apart, what steps can families take to build family identity and bonds that once evolved naturally from living in close proximity? How can family members whose lives have taken different paths forge a genuinely collaborative team driven by a mission derived from and embraced by the family? How are families balancing the commitment to the foundation’s “home town” and their growing concern for their own region? Using stories of families, this webinar will offer examples of how families have dealt with these issues including: honoring the legacy of the donor; defining a mission that accommodates individual interests and needs of different communities; maintaining high standards of grantmaking practices and evaluation strategies; and allocating funds equitably.

Featured Speakers

Evan Wood

Evan Wood is a fourth-generation family member and board chair of The Lawson Foundation, based in…

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Irene Siragusa

Irene Siragusa Phelps was elected President of the Siragusa Foundation in 2002, after serving as the…

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Jack Siragusa

Jack Siragusa graduated from the University of Miami in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in…

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Una O. Osili

Dr. Una Osili, an internationally recognized expert on philanthropy, frequently speaks across the country on issues related…

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What others have said...

No one in the field of family philanthropy gives us such wise, personal and practical advice and insights as NCFP. For every complex, knotty problem their vast expertise offers solutions and positive paths forward, gleaned from decades of work with families and their philanthropies.

Shirley Fredricks, board member, Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

I found this webinar to be extremely useful. The speakers were really interesting and offered a variety of different viewpoints pending upon the vantage point they were most closely associated with themselves. And, I never felt time was wasted.


Comprehensive yet specific, covered the bases and the basics.


I had just attended a seminar for half a day and left feeling that it was a tremendous waste of my time; in comparison, the flow and movement of this seminar was pretty terrific.


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