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Sometimes philanthropy is done purely for altruistic reasons, but often there are other motivations. Donors with an interest in engaging their family in shared philanthropy must carefully review both the tax implications and administrative costs of the charitable vehicle(s) they consider, as well as the degree of control and influence they wish to retain for years, and perhaps generations, to come. It’s not always an easy choice! What are the questions that donors should ask to determine the best vehicle for their hopes and needs? How do families reflect on their philanthropic goals and their family goals to determine how best to structure their giving? This webinar features long-time family philanthropy advisor and author Julia Kittross, as well as two donors who came up with different answers to the question of what vehicle was right for them.

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Julia Kittross

Julia Kittross is the author of So You Want to be a Philanthropist and co-founder and…

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Kathy Edwards

Kathy Edwards is the co-founder and current Board President of the Cedarmere Foundation, based in Seattle.…

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Sue Miller

Sue Miller is co-founder of the John and Susan Miller Fund, established in 2013 at The…

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What others have said...

The information provided on how to engage younger generations was very relevant and invaluable. Additionally, I appreciated the advice on how to approach philanthropy by determining what you want to accomplish, then identifying the proper vehicle through which to do so.


I gained an understanding and acceptance that the family members of different generations interest and availability changes over the years.


The webinar presented me with some things I had not thought of. It should help me decide what form my giving should take.


The webinar provided useful and candid examples. I learned about staying true to mission, how much to expect of family members and how DAFs are very efficient and probably better in most cases.


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