Operations & Management

Organizing and Administrating Your Grantmaking

From tracking budgets and expenses, hiring and exploring investment opportunities to bookkeeping and working with advisors, philanthropy requires varying levels of administration.

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Scaling for Success: Managing an Influx of Assets

An influx of assets is a powerful transition point in your philanthropy. With rising resources comes the budding potential to do more of what you’re already doing—or, perhaps, try something new. Either way, additional resources will often provide your foundation with new options for making a difference according to your foundation’s mission. With more money comes opportunity as well as

Listening and Feedback Practices

The National Center for Family Philanthropy supports the Fund for Shared Insight’s belief that foundations and nonprofits are more impactful and effective when they regularly and deeply listen to the people and communities at the heart of their work. This Content Collections share examples and stories of listening and learning practices that value lived expertise and advance equity. As FSI

PEAK Grantmaking

One of NCFP’s newest Content Partners, PEAK Grantmaking, is a vibrant member-led community of professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. Together, they power knowledge and foster collaboration to advance equitable, effective, and efficient grantmaking practice – transforming how grants get made.  Below you’ll find a selection of their resources. For additional guides and resources, including more how-to

Stanford PACS Guide to Effective Philanthropy

This Guide by Stanford PACS is written for donors who are interested in significant and sustained giving. It was born out of their experience at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society in helping donors improve their philanthropic effectiveness. Although much of the Guide is relevant to philanthropy across the globe, it is focused on donors making gifts to

Trust-based Philanthropy

NCFP’s Content Partner, the Trust-based Philanthropy Project, builds and curates tools and resources to engage grantmakers around ways to embody a trust-based approach, and why it matters. Below you’ll find a selection of their specialized how-to guides and templates to use and adapt. For additional guides and resources, including recordings from past presentations, sample policies, and resources from partners in

Expenditure Responsibility

When a private foundation makes a grant to an organization that is not classified by the IRS as tax-exempt, it is required by law to ensure that the funds are spent for charitable purposes and not for private or political activities. This NCFP Content Collection includes FAQs, rules and sample policies for the process of expenditure responsibility to ensure your

Foundation Archives

Many Foundations at some point confront the question of what to leave behind and may choose to establish an archive. Some perpetual foundations have created archives that are continually updated, and the decision to archive has long been a consideration for foundations choosing limited life. In this collection of reports and articles, professionals from across the field of philanthropy discuss

The Power of Sabbaticals

For a small investment, a funder can have a big impact on a nonprofit by providing its leader with time away to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. Yet only a handful of foundations fund sabbaticals, in part because it’s not easy to quantify the impact. Thanks to the Durfee Foundation and a growing number of other family foundations who have