Trust-based Philanthropy

About this collection: Whether you’re a long-time practitioner or are just considering adopting this approach, we hope these resources will help you bring trust-based principles into practice.

NCFP’s Content Partner, the Trust-based Philanthropy Project, builds and curates tools and resources to engage grantmakers around ways to embody a trust-based approach, and why it matters. Below you’ll find a selection of their specialized how-to guides and templates to use and adapt. For additional guides and resources, including recordings from past presentations, sample policies, and resources from partners in the field, please visit their resource page.

Please also see the NCFP Content Collection on Power Dynamics in Family Philanthropy for additional information and resources.

NCFP Webinars

October 6, 2020

Trust-based Family Philanthropy

Trust-based philanthropy is being embraced by a growing number of family foundations as a way to alleviate power imbalances between funders and grantees while fostering more productive and informative relationships. Driven by the central philosophy that funders should approach grantee relationships as learning partnerships, a trust-based approach encourages multi-year unrestricted …

Guides and How-tos

Examples of Trust-Based Philanthropy in Action

The Compton Foundation’s Trust-Based Approach to Spending Out

How Hill-Snowdon Became More Creative, Responsive, and Trust-based

For Weissberg Foundation, Trust-Based Philanthropy Starts With Internal Culture-Building

Invitation Only: Closing the Door to Equity? Perspectives from the Durfee Foundation

How Claneil Foundation Puts Relationships into Practice

What Satterberg is Learning After Shifting to Multi-Year Unrestricted Grants

How General Service Foundation’s Radical Shifts Are Sparking Greater Efficiency and Learning

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