Participatory Grantmaking Case Study: Durfee Foundation

This case study from GrantCraft's "Participatory Grantmaking Mechanics" series shares the participatory grantmaking practices of the Durfee Foundation.

Questions addressed include:

  • What are your grantmaking and/or strategic priorities (in terms of geographic focus, issue, etc.)?
  • Who decides the grantmaking priorities? The overall strategy for the fund?
  • What’s the process by which these decisions are made?
  • Is the participatory decision-making process the same for all grant types and sizes? If not, why?
  • Who comprises your grantmaking selection panel(s)?
  • How are they selected (e.g., by nomination, application, etc.)? How do you think about representation of specific population groups or geographies?
  • What, if any, is the term limit for members of the selection panel? Why?