Personnel Policies (The Wallace Foundation)

From the introduction:

We… recognize that as staff of a philanthropy we hold a ‘public trust.’ We must demonstrate in our grantmaking and every aspect of our business that we hold ourselves to the highest stand- ard of ethical behavior. We act with integrity, strive for transparency, and avoid any action that could be perceived as or create a conflict of interest.

We’ve organized the guide this way:

  • Working Together at Wallace: our mission, vision, guiding principles, work processes and the Wallace Approach
  • Our Workplace: how we seek to ensure that we have a safe workplace where we demon- strate respect for each other and value the richness in diversity
  • Our Responsibilities: understanding our responsibilities as staff members of a philanthropy, and our commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior
  • Furthering our Reach: what guides our approach to sharing our knowledge – in speaking engagements and presentations, in print and electronically
  • Staffing & Development: our approach to staffing, office practices including our policy on attendance, and our performance enhancement and compensation system
  • Employee Benefits & Time Off: our benefit plans and programs, tuition reimbursement, matching gifts, and policies on PTO, holidays, and leaves of absence
  • Business Operations: guidelines for travel and business expenses