Anne Mackinnon is an independent consultant to foundations and other nonprofits, specializing in strategic communications, organizational development, and education policy.


Measuring What Counts: Meaningful Evaluation for Family Foundations

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Anne Mackinnon

Family foundations are in business to make a difference. As one family foundation leader put it, creating a family foundation is a “powerful statement about wanting to achieve impact.” Yet family foundations often get painted unfairly as not having impact, perhaps because they aren’t always very good at understanding or describing the impact they have, even to themselves… Read More

The effective exit: Managing the end of a funding relationship

Posted on November 17, 2007 by Anne Mackinnon, Jan Jaffe

Effective exits are more likely to happen when grant makers discuss exiting and its implications from the start. Guide contributors share how they plan exits, clarify expectations regularly, and work with grantees to attract new funders. Experienced exiters also offer words of advice on working through (not avoiding) the tensions that so often arise as the end approaches… Read More