Audrey Haberman

CEO, Biller Family Foundation

Audrey Haberman joined the Biller Family Foundation in September 2021 as its Chief Executive Officer.

An experienced philanthropic leader, Audrey has spent much of her career helping mission-driven philanthropic organizations grow their impact. Prior to joining the Biller Family Foundation, Audrey served as the Managing Director of The Giving Practice (TGP), a consulting firm that works with foundations across the country. In addition to leading and significantly growing TGP over the past 11 years, she worked with over one hundred foundation leaders, boards and staff members to sharpen their strategy and improve their culture and practices. Audrey also served as Interim CEO of Philanthropy NW. Prior to TGP, Audrey was the Executive Director of the Pride Foundation for twelve years, and before that she played a range of leadership roles at the Women’s Funding Alliance and Seattle Rape Relief.

Audrey graduated from the University of Michigan. She is the mom of three kids between the ages 18-21 and loves to travel, ski, and hike.


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