Charles Hamilton was Philanthropy New York’s 2009 senior fellow. Mr. Hamilton was the Executive Director and Secretary of The Clark Foundation from 1999 to 2009. Prior to that, he was executive director of the J. M. Kaplan Fund, and years earlier, he founded and ran a book publishing company, taught in the New York City public school system, and worked for a community center in Brooklyn.


From the Start: Questions for Donors and Family Members

Posted on January 9, 2015 by Charles Hamilton

Donors often seek effective ways to involve other family members from the start. Heirs, meanwhile, look for ways to appropriately honor the legacy of the donor(s). There are many questions and issues likely to be considered by both the donor and future generations. (Source: Living the Legacy: The Values of a Family’s Philanthropy Across Generations, NCFP, 2001) Questions for the… Read More

Legacy: the Helping Hand of Family Philanthropy

Posted on January 30, 2002 by Charles Hamilton, Jason Born

It's important to attend to family foundation legacy or it will be forgotten. Stories and formal legacy statements preserve a 'usable' past while renewing values for the future....Telling stories and preparing legacy statements are ways to help harness the "constant" in family philanthropy… Read More

Reviewing Donor Legacy And Defining Future Directions: The Current Family Foundation

Posted on November 4, 2001 by Charles Hamilton

Each and every foundation conducts its review of donor legacy differently, depending upon the unique characteristics of the family and the foundation. The Current Family Foundation recently went through a successful process of review highlighting the donors'legacy. It invigorated the foundation's programmatic grantmaking, and moved the board of family members-from several generations-forward with a common family legacy… Read More