Chris Addy is a partner in Bridgespan’s Boston office. Chris has advised funders, especially high net worth individuals or couples, to identify, design, and execute on big bets, large philanthropic investments in organizations focused on eliminating inequities. His work has included helping donors get clear on their values and beliefs, identifying areas of interest and desired results, developing strategies, sourcing grantees, conducting due diligence, and structuring investments. Specific content has included early childhood development, youth development, community health, medical research, veterans, and the environment. His early childhood work has spanned pre-natal to kindergarten entry including work on scaling evidence-based interventions, leveraging social impact bonds, and reducing childhood obesity. He has also worked on strategic planning and capacity building for operating nonprofits in these same fields and often in conjunction with funders. Chris has significant experience speaking on organizational effectiveness and performance measurement. Read more…


Making Big Bets for Big Results

Posted on June 16, 2016 by Chris Addy, Denis Chicola, Jennie Lehua Watson, Matt Foreman

Bridgespan research reveals that 80% of the biggest donors aim for dramatic social change with their giving, yet only 20% of the biggest gifts (for research purposes, identified at $10M or above) over the past decade plus have gone to such causes. The Bridgespan Group identified a number of barriers and stories of how some donors were getting beyond them… Read More