Dan Fontaine

Executive Director, Wilderness Youth Project

Dan Fontaine is the Executive Director of Wilderness Youth Project. Dan first attended a tracking workshop with Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) in 2001 and hasn’t been able to quit the project since. Over the years he’s been involved in nearly every aspect of WYP. Although he’s been a resident of Goleta since 1994, his reverent appreciation of the environment around the Santa Barbara Channel has yet to plateau. He’s guided by a certainty that connection with the landscape around us helps develop the personal gifts that enrich our lives and the community that contains us.


Exiting Responsibly: Making Wise Choices As You Wrap Up

Posted on January 12, 2019 by Allison Ross, Dan Fontaine, Barbara Kibbe, Lois Mitchell

Exiting Responsibly: Making Wise Choices As You Wrap Up Whether your foundation is considering wrapping up a long-term initiative or completely spending down and sunsetting your foundation, this webinar will provide valuable ideas and approaches. Hear from field experience how to navigate this complex and challenging process to maximize the potential for impact while leaving grantees and fields strong… Read More