Donna Dalton is principal of Syringa Consulting where she focuses on supporting transformational change in the philanthropic sector. Prior to launching Syringa Consulting, she was the Executive Director with Mortenson Family Foundation for 13 years. While leading the Foundation, she helped shape and iterate the work of the Foundation to center community and advance equity. Her decade of service to donor advised funds and special projects with The Saint Paul Foundation/Minnesota Community Foundation provided insight into the importance of identifying values and ensuring the expression of those values in how work is done. Donna’s prior experience as a development officer at a variety of nonprofits strengthens her understanding of what organizations need to serve the community.


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Change Starts from the Inside: A Values-Aligned Leadership Transition

Posted on April 5, 2023 by Donna Dalton

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As the Mortenson Family Foundation further defined its mission, Foundation Executive Director Donna Dalton considered how to lead the organization in a way that centered community. Ultimately, Donna made a values-aligned decision to make space for a new leader who was more proximate to the Foundation’s mission and poised to usher the organization into a new era. So many individuals,… Read More