Located in the Tampa Bay area, the Gobioff Foundation is a private family foundation that works to support human rights organizations and the Tampa, FL arts community.  Grants from the Gobioff Foundation strengthen the ability of human rights and arts organizations to enrich the Tampa community and improve the state of human rights worldwide so that the world is a better place as intended by our founder.  Neil Gobioff, President of the Gobioff Foundation, serves as the Co-Chair of NCFP’s Engaging Youth Peer Network.


Voices from the Field

Pandemic Philanthropy: Youth Giving Edition

Posted on December 7, 2020 by Emma, Gobioff Foundation

Courtesy of Brooke Cagle on Unsplash And so it began. Our youth board had Zoom calls nearly every month where we met each other, discussed what philanthropy is, made general plans, and eventually researched and sent out our first grants. Our members, ranging from ages 8-15 (LINK TO AVATARS), were spread across the country, making us Zoom experts even before the coronavirus… Read More