Dr. Kathy Agard is the Executive Director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kathy joined the Johnson Center in 2006. Before joining the Johnson Center, Kathy served as founding executive director of the Learning to Give (LTG) initiative for the Council of Michigan Foundations. A unique ten-year effort, LTG is designed to infuse the teaching of philanthropy into the core curriculum of K-12 schools. From 1988 until 1996, she developed and implemented the Michigan Community Foundation’s Youth Project (MCFYP). This 14-year effort built community foundation capacity and youth grantmaking resources as permanent features in the state of Michigan. MCFYP now serves as an international model in youth grantmaking. Kathy has over thirty years of nonprofit management experience in a variety of health care and educational settings.


Raising Charitable Children

Posted on July 13, 2005 by Kathryn Agard

Kathryn Agard, long-time executive director of Learning to Give, shares some of the steps that parents can take to help their children become philanthropic and provided examples of what parents can do for their preteens (10-12) and teenagers (13-18) to involve them in family philanthropy… Read More