Mary Ann Weiss is an experienced philanthropic advisor who has spent 10 years advising foundations, high net worth individuals, and other organizations on developing impact strategies, running grantmaking programs, and designing and implementing operational systems. Mary Ann holds a Master of Public Administration from George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts from Skidmore College.


Effective Family Philanthropy in Action

How PRIs Can Help Maximize Impact and Approaches for Getting Started

Posted on December 5, 2023 by Mary Ann Weiss

In 2018, Mary Ann Weiss wrote a post for NCFP about program-related investments (PRIs), their advantages, and the barriers to using them. Since then, the philanthropic landscape has shifted and Mary Ann has built her own experience with PRIs. Learn more about use cases for PRIs and how to get started using the tool to amplify your impact. In the… Read More