Mary Sobecki

Executive Director, Needmor Fund

Mary Sobecki is the Executive Director of the Needmor Fund, a 65-year-old family foundation based in Ohio. Mary first became aware of the work of Needmor while serving as Senior Program Officer for the Toledo Community Foundation. Lured by the call of social justice and supporting systemic change, she joined the staff in 2004, becoming Executive Director in 2017.


Succession Planning and Family Transitions

Posted on December 8, 2020 by Peter Myers, Mary Sobecki, Mary Phillips

hand giving set of keys to another hand - succession, passing the baton, transition
Change is inevitable and can be especially complex in family philanthropy. There are a number of questions to explore to ensure the success of a collective giving effort. What are the anticipated moments of transition? What are the plans to navigate accordingly? Who is best suited—and prepared—to lead the family philanthropy effort moving forward? Is there a clear plan for… Read More