Mollie Bunis is the Managing Director of Philanthropic Services for Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. a global philanthropic advisory firm headquartered in Chicago that helps individuals, families and closely held businesses plan, assess, and manage their charitable giving. In addition to leading the client services team, Mollie advises a select group of donors, helping them achieve their philanthropic goals and feel more confident that their philanthropic dollars are effectively spent and generating meaningful outcomes. Specializing in multigenerational family philanthropy, Mollie is a certified trainer with 21/64, a mentor with Exponent Philanthropy’s Next Gen Fellows program, and has contributed to a number of industry publications.


A Legacy Lives On: The Kaplan Family Foundation’s Successful Leadership Transition

Posted on December 18, 2013 by Dinaz Mansuri, Mollie Bunis

[Photo: Members of the next generation of the Kaplan family gather to discuss strategy.] Ask any family member and they are usually able to identify the current family leader. This is the person around whom everyone gathers; the person who takes responsibility for family networking, intervenes in family disputes, reminds others of the family’s history and generally serves as the… Read More
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The Kaplan Family Foundation’s successful leadership transition

Posted on December 15, 2013 by Mollie Bunis, Dinaz Mansuri

Editor’s note: As the National Center for Family Philanthropy continues its ongoing focus on the topic of transitions, this month in Family Giving News we feature an excerpt from “A Legacy Lives On: The Kaplan Family Foundation’s Successful Leadership Transition,” the new Passages Issue Brief on the Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation’s experience with transition—the factors that contributed to… Read More