Portrait of Sara Southwood

Sara Southwood

Director of Client Engagement, 21/64

Sara Southwood brings over 11 years of financial services and private wealth experience to her work engaging individuals, families, and organizations in multigenerational conversations. As a Director of Client Engagement at 21/64 and a next gen herself, Sara is passionate about helping clients discuss the challenging topics of family, money and making decisions together based on their individual and shared values.

Sara began her career in the hedge fund industry, first as a hedge fund analyst at MIO Partners, the investment office of McKinsey & Co., and eventually as Director and Head of the Business Development Support Team at HedgeServ, a leading hedge fund administrator. Her understanding of investment strategies, work in business operations and passion for working with families led her to join the Redwoods Initiative, where she provided financial education to empower individuals and families in private wealth. Originally from the Midwest, she now calls New York City home and enjoys traveling and scuba diving.


Voices from the Field

Addressing the Taboo: Talking About Money in Family Philanthropy

Posted on September 19, 2019 by Robyn Schein, Sara Southwood

Money Messages and Wealth Identity When we work with philanthropic families in our multigenerational and next generation engagement practice at 21/64, family members share their values, their vision and their philanthropic passions and grantmaking.  Grantmaking is many things to many people, but it is fundamentally about the transfer of money. In our work with families, it often makes us wonder… Read More
Voices from the Field

My Family Stories: Thickening a Thin Narrative

Posted on April 29, 2019 by Sara Southwood

A black background graphic that says "we learned to invite funders to ask themselves three important questions: what am I inheriting? who am I? what do I want to do about it?"
A real storytelling practice only began in my family about 10 years ago. Like many other families with a strong patriarch, our family foundation needed to make important and difficult decisions together while also managing our differences. In order to be more effective, our multi-family office suggested we “tell the family stories.” While my grandmother is a genealogist who has written 17 books about 400 years of my mother’s family line, we had never been much about family storytelling… Read More