Tracy Gary

Philanthropist, Nonprofit Entrepreneur, and Legacy Mentor

Tracy Gary is a philanthropist, nonprofit entrepreneur, and legacy mentor who has worked tirelessly to help others experience the joy of giving charitable dollars to causes they care about. Through her eighteenth start-up, a nonprofit called Inspired Legacies, she consults with a diverse range of individuals and organizations to improve and expand philanthropy and volunteerism. Tracy has worked with Social Venture Partner groups and several new digital millionaires who are transforming the giving landscape.

Her latest venture is the Tipping Point Fund for which she is raising $20 million to shift poverty and the environment. She has appeared on The Today Show and Oprah Winfrey and been interviewed by The Washington Post, NPR, Time, The International Tribune, and others. Ms. Gary is the author of Inspired Philanthropy: Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy.


Shaping a Legacy Plan and Working with Your Advisors to Achieve It

Posted on May 15, 2008 by Tracy Gary

Families who think thoughtfully about what they want to achieve with their wealth - either through their foundation, their personal giving or both - and who communicate that clearly to their advisors, will have more success in seeing their legacy fulfilled. Unless you develop a plan and share your vision, your financial advisors may advise you to follow a conservative giving plan that doesn't take into account your capacity to give or desire to go beyond just preserving wealth… Read More