The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation invests in nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to building an equitable, sustainable, vibrant state and communities.


Conflict of Interest Policy (Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation)

Posted on March 11, 2010 by Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is committed to the integrity and fairness of all of its grantmaking and other business activities. In addition to performing their respective duties with the Foundation, the Foundation’s officers, trustees and staff are encouraged to participate in their communities and extend their talents and services beyond the reaches of the Foundation’s particular activities. Affiliates may… Read More

Progress report form (Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation)

Posted on November 4, 2003 by Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

This form was developed by the North Carolina-based Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation for organizations that had previously received a grant from the Foundation and which are currently requesting an additional grant. The form is used in reviewing current applications and is meant to help bring the Foundation up to date on grantee activities since the previous grant was made… Read More

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