Splendid Legacy Online

A Companion Collection to "Splendid Legacy 2: Creating and Re-creating Your Family Foundation"

Governing and Managing a Family Foundation: Sample Policies and Practices

Here you will find a collection of sample policies and practices related to governing and managing a family foundation.

For a wide variety of additional sample statements and other resources, see Policy Central: Board Meetings, Job Descriptions, and Rotation Policies, Policy Central: Investing, Impact Investing and Spending Policies, and Policy Central: Management and Staffing Policies. Looking for a sample policy or practice that is not here? Contact NCFP at ncfp@ncfp.org.

Board Election, Rotation, and Membership Terms (Nord Family Foundation)

Board Election, Rotation, and Membership Terms from the Nord Family Foundation.

Board Selection Criteria (Lawrence Welk Family Foundation)

Board Selection Criteria from the Lawrence Welk Family Foundation.

Board of Directors Handbook (Table of Contents)(Morgan Family Foundation)

Table of Contents from the Board of Directors orientation handbook for the Morgan Family Foundation.

Conflict of Interest Statement (Andrus Family Fund)

Conflict of Interest Statement from the Andrus Family Fund.

Code of Ethics (Smith Family Foundation)

Code of Ethics from the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation.

Code of Ethics (Surdna Foundation)

Code of Ethics policy (including whistleblower policy, conflict of interest policy, and statement of inclusiveness and diversity) from the Surdna Foundation.

Process for Selecting Nonfamily Trustees (Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation)

Process for Selecting Non-family Trustees from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation.

Investment Questionnaire (Asset Consulting Group)

This questionnaire developed by Asset Consulting Group is designed to solicit input from board members in order to establish a framework for all investment related decisions.

Family Foundation Spending Policy (Wallace Foundation)

Spending Policy of The Wallace Foundation.

Checklist of Fiduciary Responsibilities

A checklist of fiduciary responsibilities for boards to consider on an annual basis.

Investment Policy Statement

Sample family foundation investment policy statement.

Investment Policy with a Focus on Mission or Impact Investing (Noyes Foundation)

The investment policy of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, featuring its mission investing approach.

Allocation of Staff and Board Responsibilities

A sample allocation of staff and board responsibilities from an anonymous family foundation.

Board and Staff Job Descriptions (The Leighty Foundation)

A collection of Board and Staff Job Descriptions from The Leighty Foundation.

Responsibilities of Board Committees (Noyes Foundation)

Descriptions of the responsibilities of Board Committees for the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation.

Employee Handbook (Hill-Snowdon Foundation)

The employee handbook for the Hill-Snowdon Foundation.

Personnel Policies (Mellam Family Foundation)

Personnel Policies of the Mellam Family Foundation.

Family Foundation CEO Self-Assessment Questions (Graustein Memorial Fund)

Sample CEO Self Assessment Questions from the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Foundation.

Board Appraisal Questions for the CEO

Sample CEO Board Appraisal Form from the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Foundation.