Policy Central: Board Meetings, Board Job Descriptions, and Rotation Policies

Boards that anticipate and plan for potential bumps in the road are far more likely to avoid difficult situations than those who create policies while in the middle of crisis. Included here are conflict of interest policies, board position descriptions, election and rotation policies, and much more.


Allocation of Board and Staff Responsibilities

Board Chair Position Descriptions

Board Election, Classification, and Rotation Policies

Board Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines for Board Membership

Board Meeting and Retreat Agendas

Board Meeting Feedback Survey

Board Member Orientation Manuals and Agendas

Board Member Position Descriptions, Roles, and Responsibilities

Board Self-evaluation and Self-assessment

Code of Conduct

Community and Independent (non-Family) Board Members

Community Board Members: Panta Rhea Foundation Recruitment Documents

Conflict of Interest Statements

Discretionary Grants

Diversity and Inclusiveness Statements

Ethics Codes

Exit Interviews for Board Members

Expense Reimbursement Policies

Term Limits

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Family Foundation Board Chair Roles and Responsibilities

This Content Collection provides a variety of tips and perspectives from current board chairs about how to manage this vital role in family philanthropy.

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