10 NCFP Webinar Replays Every Board Member Should Watch

About this collection: Collected here are ten of NCFP's most popular and timeless webinars for family foundation board members, including selected webinars from our Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy Series, as well as our two-part "Toeing the Line" series, which explores common legal pitfalls in family foundation governance and grantmaking.

Curated By: Jason Born

NCFP’s monthly webinar series is the field of family philanthropy’s longest running webinar series and one of the most popular resources for hearing the voices and perspectives of donors, board members, and leaders in the field of family philanthropy. Held on the second Thursday of each month from 12 to 1:30 pm (Eastern), these webinars are also recorded for future viewing; the NCFP Knowledge Center currently features replays from more than 250 past webinars and teleconferences.

Collected here are ten of NCFP’s most popular and timeless webinars for family foundation board members, including selected webinars from our Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy Series, as well as our two-part “Toeing the Line” series, which explores common legal pitfalls in family foundation governance and grantmaking.

Trustee Roles, Rules, and Responsibilities

father, son, and grandfather skipping stones - traditions, generations, family cutlure
February 11, 2021

Family Identity and Culture

Many philanthropic families have a strong sense of identity, defined by their traditions and culture and carried out through their commitments to one another and the public trust. A clear family identity is driven by a shared purpose and philosophy, which in turn promotes a successful collective giving effort. How…
board room, board meeting
April 8, 2021

Effective Governance: Principles, Policies, and Practices

Preview the conversation with "The Purpose and Power of Family Governance" by Patricia Angus. Family philanthropy is rooted in the act of collective decision making—one that is often codified in a formal governance structure. But what is governance and how can a family adopt its framework to effectively guide their…
feet on an arrow pointing different directions - decision, choice, option
May 13, 2021

Demystifying Decision Making

Philanthropic families employ a wide range of models to make decisions—from unilateral authority to consensus. However, identifying the appropriate structure is often a challenge and can serve as a barrier to effective philanthropic practices. Developing an appropriate decision-making framework for distinct situations allows families to rely on an established and…
December 11, 2014

Toeing the Line: Legal Pitfalls in Family Foundation Governance

Should we accept those tickets to the opening of the new local theater that just arrived in the mail? Can our family office charge our foundation for rent? Is it o.k. for us to pay Uncle Bob to manage the foundation’s investment portfolio? Can we make a grant to our…
February 11, 2016

Toeing the line, Part 2: Legal Pitfalls in Family Foundation Grantmaking

Is it possible to make grants to individuals or organizations that are not charities? Can we support grantees where one or more of our board members has a conflict of interest? What process do we need to follow with regard to our discretionary grants, and is there a limit to…
February 9, 2017

Becoming a Successful Board Chair: Tips and Advice from Your Peers

Board chairs play an important and indispensable role in family foundations. Much more than just an honorary title, serving as board chair requires extra preparation, time, and specific skillsets. Join NCFP as we learn from The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation Board Chair and President about the wide range of tasks…
man holding out hand - agreement, relationships
July 8, 2021

Grantee Relationships and Power Dynamics

Power dynamics are inherent in traditional philanthropy: a funder gives and a grantee receives. This imbalance has the ability to inhibit productive, honest partnerships and stymie successful outcomes. It is often difficult for a grantee to discuss their needs and concerns when their financial future is on the line. Funders…
August 13, 2015

Passing the “Mirror Test”: Ethics and family philanthropy

Your family’s philanthropic values – your sense of stewardship, your personal commitments and interests, and your desire to foster charitable impulses in your children and future generations – are the foundation of your family’s philanthropy.  Articulating and discussing values on a regular basis is part of ethically responsible giving. And…
August 10, 2017

Good Governance: How to Use Board Committees Effectively

The use of committees is one of the most important tools for thoughtful governance in family philanthropy. This webinar will take a deep dive into all the qualities of an effective committee structure. Governance experts and family foundation leaders will share successful committee models as well as conducive leadership and…
man putting sticky notes on white board
October 13, 2021

Adopting Equity Practices

There is an increasing recognition and understanding of the deep-seated structural inequities upon which the philanthropic sector and many other systems were built. Donors are moving away from the idea of racial equity and social justice as funding areas, and instead conceptualizing equity as a lens that spans grantmaking, governance,…

NCFP Fellows Series

October 13, 2016

What I wish my parents had told me: An interview with Susan Packard Orr

Being entrusted with a family foundation by one’s parents elicits a multitude of feelings. Like many things in life, foundation trusteeship decisions are rarely black and white. It can be challenging to honor the founding donor’s wishes when there are questions that were left unanswered. Join NCFP president Ginny Esposito…
May 14, 2015

Balancing Internal Vs. External Missions in Family Philanthropy

What is your family’s dream for philanthropy? Are you primarily interested in achieving a particular grantmaking mission? Or are you interested in creating an opportunity for family members to come together and strengthen family ties through philanthropy and service to others? For many philanthropic families, the answer to this question…
September 10, 2015

Planning for an Influx of Assets

An influx of assets—whether sudden or expected—is a powerful transition point in your family’s philanthropy. With rising resources comes the budding potential to do more of what you’re already doing: making a difference according to your foundation’s mission. With more money come increased opportunities and challenges. For family foundations—particularly those…