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Capturing and sharing your family’s history is critical to understanding and appreciating your philanthropy, providing a window into the rich heritage of your extended family. Elders in your family often have particularly interesting stories to tell, and can help family members of all ages feel more connected with the generations preceding them, and gain an even greater appreciation of their place within the family. In this webinar, discover a variety of techniques available for engaging with elders to document a family history that may be shared with generations to come.

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Debbie Brodsky

Debbie Brodsky is the founder of DMB Pictures, a boutique video production company specializing in producing…

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Bill Leighty

Bill Leighty is the Director of the Earth Protection Program at The Leighty Foundation. He also…

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Kelly Medinger

Kelly Medinger joined the Knott Foundation in 2011 and became Executive Director in 2012. In this capacity,…

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David Weitnauer

David Weitnauer has been working with and caring for families since graduating from seminary in 1986.  David…

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