Bill Leighty

Board Member, The Leighty Foundation

Bill Leighty is the Director of the Earth Protection Program at The Leighty Foundation. He also serves as Principal for Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc. Previously, Bill was a Contract Budget Analyst for the State of Alaska, as well as a Marketing and Field Engineer for Collins Radio Company. He earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University. Bill lives in Juneau, Alaska and has been a small business owner for 47 years.


Voices from the Field

Be the Architect of Your Family’s Story

Posted on April 4, 2019 by Hiba Seager, Jen Crino, Bill Leighty

Mothers day composition. Photo album, black-and-white picture. Studio shot on wooden background.
NCFP recently spoke with Bill Leighty about how he’s helped keep the Leighty Foundation’s memories alive by recording its history. While many foundations use external production companies, Bill created his family’s legacy videos himself—using his own technological know-how, video equipment, and dedication. His father, Ike Leighty, began the foundation in 1985 after a successful sales and manufacturing career. While the initial goal was to “do good,” the foundation’s mission evolved to address earth protection, education, and volunteer engagement. … Read More

Family Stories and Interviewing Elders

Posted on January 10, 2019 by Bill Leighty, Debbie Brodsky, Kelly Medinger, David Weitnauer

Capturing and sharing your family’s history is critical to understanding and appreciating your philanthropy, providing a window into the rich heritage of your extended family. Elders in your family often have particularly interesting stories to tell, and can help family members of all ages feel more connected with the generations preceding them, and gain an even greater appreciation of their… Read More