Funding Film to Educate, Engage and Achieve Social Change

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A picture is worth a thousand words and increasingly a well-designed film can catalyze impact far beyond the investment required to produce it. From the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to the privacy issues raised by Edward Snowden to Jewish-Palestinian relationships, learn how donor families are using films to advance change on the issues of today. Join us for this fascinating look at family foundations investing in films and social action campaigns to advance their mission and create positive social change.

Featured Speakers

Ellen Friedman

Ellen Friedman is the Executive Director at the Compton Foundation, which seeks to ignite change toward…

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Ellen Schneider

Ellen Schneider is Founder of Active Voice and Director of AV Lab. Ellen has been a…

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Lisa Jaguzny

Lisa Jaguzny is Executive Director of the Campion Foundation, based in Seattle. Lisa has extensive experience…

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Margery Goldman

Margery Goldman has had a multi-faceted career as educator, designer and entrepreneur. From living and teaching…

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Vince Stehle

Vincent Stehle is Executive Director of Media Impact Funders, a membership organization of foundation officials and…

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What others have said...

The networks and tools mentioned will be very helpful.


The speakers were great and I really like the instant surveying aspect.


Great – actionable recommendations and accessible resources.


The presenters had a variety of experiences and backgrounds that was very helpful in looking at the topic in different ways.


The survey questions were good and helpful for looking at funding films in the future, and the presentations were timely.

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